Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting our ship together

While in Southern California in mid December we took a break from grandkids and Disneyland to pay a visit to Minney's Yacht Surplus. What a great store! Wish it was closer.

It was fun to met Ernie Minney, who is an institution all by himself. When I told him I had a Columbia 43 I was restoring he said, "That's a great boat." Then he gave me an old Columbia rudder plate from a box he had stashed away. My guess is it was used on one of the smaller boats like the C 26. Anyway, it's pretty cool and will find its way onto the boat, but perhaps in a cut-down version.
A gift from Mr. Minney.
We bought some stuff, of course, but no more than we could take back on the plane. I may have to drive down in my truck when we get a little further on our restoration. One thing we couldn't pass up was Minney's t-shirt. Someday....
Matching t-shirts from Minney's say, "Schooner or later we'll get our ship together."

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