Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An accent chair for the library

The slip cover was a perfect fit on the first try.
Virginia spotted this chair even before we signed the papers on Oceanus. "It would be perfect for sitting and knitting," she said. It was half off the day we spotted it, so, uncharacteristically, we made an impulse buy.

The original cover zips off and on.
Even though it is made to be hauled around -- in the cockpit, on deck, on the dock -- we figure the perfect place for the chair is next to the hanging locker across from our bunk. I installed a bookshelf there and we've taken to calling it the "library." Every proper yacht should have a library with a comfy reading (excuse me) knitting chair. Right?

The dark blue cover was fairly good looking, but it didn't match the family of fabrics we will use on the boat. Virginia solved this by using the old cover as a pattern and sewing a new, fitted slip
The library chair in it's rightful place.

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