Thursday, July 25, 2013

StumppyJ, a Columbia 43, finishes 2013 Transpac

A photo of the StumppyJ from the Transpac web site.
A Columbia 43 Mark III, the StumppyJ, finished the 2013 Transpac race on July 22 with an elapsed time of 14 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes and 35 seconds according to the Transpac web site. The skipper and owner is Ed Stumpp.

The StumppyJ raced in Division 8, the same division as another, more-famous old timer, the 52-foot Sparkman & Stevens yawl Dorade. Built in 1930, Dorade won the Transpac in 1936.

Matt Brooks, the current owner and skipper, bought Dorade in 2010 for $880,000 and poured more money into her to update her and make her competitive. It paid off with a Transpac win on corrected time.

My guess is that Ed Stumpp paid less than that for StumppyJ. Although he most likely spent some serious money for new sails and other updates, it was modest in comparison to Brooks.

Here are more stats from the Transpac web site.
Average speed: 6.6 knots
Official finish time: 22.07.2013 21:33 PDT.
Elapsed time: 14:11:33:35
Corrected time: 7:10:33:50
Class standing: 6
Fleet standing: 49
Sail number: 57083

I hope to interview Ed Stumpp and post more later. Stay tuned.

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  1. Sail number is 57083. I can get you Ed's email address or we can arrange a conference call with the crew since we are having our post-race bbq on Fri, Aug 9. My email is

    --Matt Harmon, StumppyJ watch captian