Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hauled out!

Yes, the boat is that big and my wife is that cute.
Friday, Sept. 5, was a historic day for Oceanus. It was the first time she left the dock under her own power since 2005. That was the year she was trucked up from California. Jason and I took her up river to the Yaquina River Boatyard for a long overdue haulout.

The engine and new prop performed well and we motored into the slipway with no drama. It was a great comfort having Jason along. He knows the engine well and was constantly checking on things. He's also great company and a very competent hand.

There were no big surprises when the boat came out of the water -- another blessing. She looks good for a middle-aged beauty. No blisters, although her iron keel needs a lot of work.
Sanding bottom paint off the bootstripe. I know barnacles sometimes attach themselves to the boot, but bottom paint should remain on a boat's bottom. Use a scrub brush now an then.  
Here's what we've done so far:

  • Pressure washed the bottom,
  • Sanded the entire topsides with 80 and 150 grit,
  • Removed three unused plastic through hulls and a vent in the transom area,
  • Filled and fiberglassed the remaining holes,
  • Pulled her 60-foot mast,
  • Sanded and epoxied the spreaders,
  • Filled about a dozen small (less than dime sized) dings. 
Unless you've hauled out a boat this size you might think we haven't done much. If you think that you are WRONG! This big boat is kicking our butts big time. We come home so tired we can't even talk. We shower the dust off our sore bodies and fall into bed. The next morning we do it again. But we are happy with the progress and excited for the big payoff next week when she gets painted with Awlgrip paint.
We sanded down to the original gelcoat cove and bootstripes. The cheap plastic throughhulls in the stern are history too.
One exciting thing for me is sanding off all the stupid stripes someone painted on most likely in the 1990s. Once we got rid of them and sanded the bottom paint off the bootstripe, the beauty of the hull came alive. We plan on painting her like she was originally, but with black boot and cove stripes, instead of navy blue.

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