Friday, July 24, 2015

Eight reasons we didn't go north

Eight cute reasons gathered together during the July 4th weekend.
This spring, being our optimistic selves, we thought we could have the boat seaworthy by summer to spend a month or so in Puget Sound close to our kids and grandkids. That didn't happen.

During the July 4th holiday we managed to get all eight grandchildren in one place for a photo. As you can see they are a cute bunch and a real magnet for us. In a way I'm glad we didn't go north first. I'm afraid it would be too hard to leave.

The third anniversary of us becoming the stewards of Oceanus came and went last week. Our to-do lists are still long, but not seemingly endless like at the beginning of this journey. There are many improvement I have yet to report on the blog. I want to take new photos of the boat and have a before-and-after photo set similar to the conclusion of one of those TV makeover shows.

Stay tuned.