Saturday, July 19, 2014

Project progress on our Columbia 43

We bent on the mainsail so we could try on the new mainsail cover Virginia sewed. It fits great! You can also see the new hatch I made and a shade cover for the dodger window.
Just a quick update on a few projects aboard Oceanus. My wife sewed up a storm over the last few weeks. Her largest project so far, at least in yards of canvas used, is the new mainsail cover. She ordered a kit from our friends at SailRite hoping it would work.  We had a mainsail cover from a mystery boat that sort of fit so between the two she made one and it is close to perfect.

A close look at the shade cover for the dodger window. It's made out of Sunbrella Panorama View, which you can't get anymore.

Virginia made this oversized pillow out of left over foam from the bunks. It will be great as a backrest in the cockpit. She also made sheet bags for the traveler adjustment lines.

She made more pillows for the interior. My favorite features a beautiful cross stitch sampler she made for me as a gift about 25 years ago. The bolster pillows feel great when you put them behind the small of your back.

I made this medicine chest from mahogany using dovetails for the case and mortise and tenon joinery for the door. I had my glass guy put a vinyl backing on the mirror for safety. 

Here you can see the dovetails.

More dovetails, in teak this time, for the replacement hatch. The lens is of 3/8-inch polycarbonate from TAP Plastics.
The new washer and dryer aboard Oceanus. They came from three different sources.

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