Saturday, January 25, 2014

Original advertisements for the Columbia 43

During my weekly Google search for all things Columbia 43, I came across an Ebay seller with two original Columbia 43 ads up for auction. I won the bid on both ads. They are pretty cool and it made a quick blog post.

The boat featured in the photos for the ad is Blue Norther, the eleventh C-43 built. Blue Norther is also the boat that starred as the boat Amanda in the second season of the ABC series Revenge.
From the code in the information-request box I think this ad was published in 1970.
I'm not sure which magazine this first ad comes from. The page on the back of the ad is another full-page ad for Mercury inboard/outboards.The code in the reply box makes it appear that this ad came out in 1970. The first ad is a single, full-page ad that trumpets the C-43 winning the world's largest ocean race, the Newport to Ensenada Yacht Race.

This is the high-folio page of a two-page ad in Yachting magazine. I'm not sure of the date, but the code in the response box makes me think it was 1970.
The next ad is a double truck, two full-page ads on facing pages. The headline reads, "Meet the Magnificent Aggressor, Columbia 43... $29,995!"

The interesting part of the second ad reads: "This is undoubtedly one of the most aggressively designed ocean racers ever created by famed naval architect, Bill Tripp.... Classified as light-displacement, the Columbia 43 exhibits the highest sail-area-to-wetted-surface ratio of any of his designs. The rig towers 54 feet above the deck. Powerful headsails are permitted with a "J" measurement of 17.8'.

"And there are some highly potent design dynamics below the waterline as well. The Columbia 43 has a noticeably long waterline...32'8". By carrying the lateral distribution of displacement well into both the bow and stern sections, Tripp has simulated the wave system produced by an even longer waterline. When you lengthen the waterline, you increase the speed. This high prismatic coefficient* story is something your competitors will ask you about after the race!

Thirty grand was a lot of money back in 1970. You could buy a nice house in Seattle for about than half that back then. You could also buy six brand new Corvettes for that price.

More interesting stuff mixed in with the unavoidable copywriter hyperbole. I'll crop out the tablecloth and clean these up later. I was just excited to share them. Eventually I will add a page to the blog with these and scans of the original Columbia 43 owner's manual, which came with the boat.

*Prismatic coefficient (Cp) is the volume (V) divided by Lpp x Ax. It displays the ratio of the immersed volume of the hull to a volume of a prism with equal length to the ship and cross-sectional area equal to the largest underwater section of the hull (midship section). This is used to evaluate the distribution of the volume of the underbody. A low or fine Cp indicates a full mid-section and fine ends, a high or full Cp indicates a boat with fuller ends. Planing hulls and other highspeed hulls tend towards a higher Cp.

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